Brown Taekwondo Brings home a back-to-back 3rd Place Finish at National Championships! Adds 2nd place overall in Color Belts!

Brown Taekwondo Brings home a back-to-back 3rd Place Finish at National Championships! Adds 2nd place overall in Color Belts!

Brown University Taekwondo caps off a wonderful season by bringing home a back-to-back 3rd place overall finish at the National Collegiate Taekwondo Association Championships!

30 members of the Brown Taekwondo team brought home medals and trophies at the National Championships April 7-8. The national tournament hosted at American University, Washington D.C. welcomed over 600 competitors from more than 124 schools. The two-day event included competitions for the color belt division April 7th and the black belt division April 8th.

Competitions were divided according to belt colors, weight and gender. Fourteen Bears won medals, with others missing the medal by narrow margins. While the level of competition in the Black Belt division remained at the expected high level, that of the color belt division was particularly high compared to the previous years. Nonetheless, our Brown Bears were able to overcome these obstacles and find ways to succeed!

Participants competed in two categories: Poomsae (Forms) and Kyorugi (Sparring-Olympic Taekwondo). 

Team Trophies

2nd Place: Novice (Color Belts) Division

3rd Place: Overall Division


Juanda Tan '19 - 1st (Men's Green belts)

Jacquelin Ho '21 - 2nd (Women's White/Yellow belts)

Emily Le '20 - 2nd (Women's Green belts)

Amy Miao '19 - 2nd (Women's Blue belts)

Josh Roy '19 - 2nd (Men's Blue belts)

Boniat Ephrem '21 - 3rd (Women's White/Yellow belts)

Nina Zhao '20 - 3rd (Women's Green belts)

Adam Howard - 6th (Men's Black belts)

Adam Howard, Katelynn Pan '18 - Finals (Mixed Black Belt Pairs)

Katelynn Pan '18 - Semifinals (Women's Black belts)


Sandra Moore '21 - 2nd (Women's White/Yellow Bantam/Feather)

David Suarez '20 - 2nd (Men's White/Yellow Fin/Fly) 

Helen Situ '19 - 2nd (Women's Blue Fin/Fly)

Stephanie Diaz '20 - 3rd (Women's White/Yellow Bantam/Feather) 

George Spahn '19 - 3rd (Men's White/Yellow Fin/Fly)

Jennifer Dzul '20 - 3rd (Women's Green Middle/Heavy)

Alejandro Romero '21 - 3rd (Men's Red Bantam/Feather)

Yashi Wang '21 - 5th (Women's White/Yellow Middle/Heavy)

Juanda Tan '19 - 5th (Men's Green Bantam/Feather)

Jeannie Le '20 - 5th (Women's Green Fin/Fly)

Morgan Ross '20 - 5th (Women's Green Bantam/Feather)

Simran Nayak '20 - 5th (Women's Green Bantam/Feather)

Nina Zhao '20 - 5th (Women's Green Bantam/Feather)

Elizabeth Zhao '20 - 5th (Women's Green Light/Welter) 

Briana Johnson '20 - 5th (Women's Green Middle/Heavy)

Amy Miao '19 - 5th (Women's Blue Bantam/Feather)

Josh Roy '19 - 5th (Men's Blue Light/Welter)

Jackie Vu '17 - 5th (Women's Red Fin/Fly)

Sarah Deitch '18 - 5th (Women's Black Fly) 

Emily Dai '21 - 5th (Women's Black Feather)

Praveen Srinivasan '18 - 5th (Men's Black Fly)

Chris Yen '19 - 5th (Men's Black Fly)

The Brown University team is coached by Master Sung Park ’96. Most of the Brown participants started their Taekwondo careers with no prior martial arts experience; the strength of Brown’s curriculum lies in its holistic approach to training that encourages athletes of all levels to compete. For the past seventeen years, the club team has stood on the podium at this national event representing Brown.