Sports Offered

At the present time, there are two levels of Club Sports at Brown University.  These two categories are determined by a variety of factors including, but not limited to: longevity of the club, compensation for the coach, and the existence of a varsity level program in the given sport.

Group A - Highly Competitive Clubs 

This category includes those clubs that have been established for a long period of time with consistent participation. These sports have competed successfully each year, and wish to remain at a high competitive level. Group A Club Sports may provide a stipend for their head coaches. Included in this group are the following:

Men’s Rugby Sailing


Men’s Ultimate Frisbee

Women’s Ultimate Frisbee

Men’s Volleyball

Group B – Competitive Clubs

This category includes those sports that are either in their nascent stages or sports where the University offers a varsity program in the same sport. Included in this group are the following: 

Badminton Baseball
Men’s Basketball Women's Basketball
Cheerleading Cycling
Field Hockey Figure Skating
Golf Ice Hockey
Kendo Men’s Lacrosse
Women’s Lacrosse Polo
Running Shotokan Karate
Men’s Soccer Women’s Soccer
Squash Swimming
Tae Kwon Do Tang Soo Do
Tang Soo Do Men’s & Women's Tennis
Women's Volleyball Yacht