Club Sports Overview

Club Sports have been in existence since the early nineteenth century, and Brown University Club Sports continue a long-standing tradition of encouraging student development and providing student leadership opportunities.  A Club Sport at Brown University is a student organization derived by and sustained through the interest and leadership of students, working in accordance with the Department of Athletics and Physical Education (DAPE).

At Brown, we consider Club Sports to be a vital component of our university community. Club Sport teams offer an important outlet for students who seek a higher level of competition than on-campus intramurals provide, but without the rigorous time commitment of varsity sports. Club Sport teams hold practices on or around campus and compete against other schools both on and off campus. Brown University, through DAPE, provides financial support, facilities, and assistance with securing transportation, lodging, and an athletic trainer/EMT service in order to allow our Club Sport teams to thrive.  Club Sport teams acquire these services by requesting them through the Club Sport Coordinator and/or Assistant Athletic Director. The keys to the success of each club and the Club Sports program as a whole are student interest, participation, and leadership.