Submit Club Sports Content

We are always excited to receive updates from our Club Sport programs. Athletes are encouraged to send content at their discretion to be published on the website. All content should be sent to:

Tim Phanthavong, Intramural & Club Sport Manager |

The following items can be submitted:

  • Rosters and schedules: Please send us your most updated roster (.xls) and a schedule for each season.
  • Articles From a News Source: If there is an article about your Club Sport team in a newspaper or online source, forward it to us. Whether it's in a national newspaper or simply the Brown Daily Herald, we love publicity!
  • Game Scores and Recaps: Recaps are written by team officers and will be posted as a news item. You are encouraged to attach an image as well.
  • Rankings: If you are an in-season team, please keep us up to date with current record/standing/national ranking.