Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports Eligibility

Eligibility for Participation in Intramural Sports

  • Only Brown/RISD students, faculty and staff are eligible to participate in Intramural Sports. Any spouses, legal partners or children that are not a Brown/RISD student or faculty/staff member are not eligible to participate in Intramural Sports. 
  • Varsity athletes are ineligible to participate in their equivalent intramural sport, throughout their academic year of athletic eligibility (e.g. a 2012 soccer player cannot participate in 2012 fall outdoor soccer or 2013 spring indoor soccer).
  • Club Sport participants are allowed to play in intramural leagues, but no more than (2) of either gender can play on one team (e.g. a male and female club ultimate frisbee player can play on an intramural team, but no more). For Ice Hockey the limit will be (4) per intramural team. Club members cannot play in the low division.
  • Team limitations: 
    Participants can only play on one team per Division (High, Mid, Low) per League (Open, Men, Women, Co-Recreational). 
    Participants cannot participate in both the High and Low Division in the same League.