Recreational Policies


General Recreation Policies

  1. Recreational facilities are for the Brown University and RISD campus community registered students as well as Brown Recreation membership holders.
  2. Anyone wishing to use the facility may purchase a membership from the Nelson Fitness Center Welcome Desk or Brown Recreation website.
  3. You must swipe your membership ID card every time you enter the facility. You will be limited to 2 entries without your ID card.
  4. Use of this facility is considered a privilege. Individuals not complying with the established procedures may be asked to leave the facility and/or be subject to departmental and/or campus disciplinary procedures.
  5. You are expected to act in a courteous and respectful manner. Any type of harassment of students, staff members or campus guests is prohibited. This may include verbal abuse, use of profanity, or other abusive language, intimidation, sexual harassment or harassment on the account of race, religion, ethnic background, gender or sexual orientation.
  6. Only Brown Athletics and Physical Education employed personal trainers are permitted to train in athletic facilities.

Attire and Footwear

In an effort to promote safety, reduce the spread of communicable diseases and prevent additional wear and tear on equipment and machines, all participants are asked to wear appropriate athletic clothing while working out or participating in activities. Participants not wearing appropriate clothing or clothing that may be found offensive to others will be asked to adjust as needed or asked to leave the facility.

  1. Upper Body Acceptable: tshirt, sweatshirt, or full tank top: midriff must be covered. Unacceptable: bare chest, bare midriff, sports bra, ripped tops, any sleeveless shirt that is more that 5 inches below axilla midpoint.
  2. Lower Body Acceptable: workout pants, sweats or shorts. Unacceptable: slacks, khakis, cut-offs, jeans, cargo pants or cargo shorts, excessively small shorts or spandex.
  3. Closed-toe, non-marking athletic shoes must be worn at all times. (No dress shoes, sandals or boots).
  4. Participants must have clean dry shoes to use athletic facilities.

Tobacco, Food, and Beverage Use

  1. All types of tobacco use are prohibited.
  2. Possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
  3. Food and drink may not be brought into the fitness areas. Plastic bottles with water are allowed if they are made of non-breakable material with a cap.
  4. Please keep the facilities neat and appealing to all other users by properly disposing of trash either in the recycling containers or the trash receptacles.

Locker Use

  1. Lockers will available for use, must provide own lock.
  2. The lockers are for daily use only. You may not leave belongings in them overnight.
  3. All personal items should be kept in locker room. Staff is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items.
  4. All bags must be left in locker room or cubbies.

Cardio/Free Weight Rules & Policies

  1. Due to the inherent risks of using resistance equipment, you must be 15 years of age to use the free weight area.
  2. Towels will be provided for wiping down machines. Seperate towels may also be checked out at the Fitness desk for personal use. Please put towel in designated towel bin when finished
  3. Wipe off equipment before and after use. Use the disinfectant spray available in the facility; please spray the towel and wipe down your machine.
  4. Please be courteous to others who are waiting to use equipment.  There is a 30-minute time limit on all cardiovascular equipment during busy times.
  5. Please do not rest on equipment between sets.
  6. If you are unfamiliar with the use of any weights and/or cardiovascular machines, please consult staff for instruction.
  7. Bars must be broken down and all weights returned to their proper location after use.
  8. Dropping or slamming weights is not permitted.
  9. All equipment must stay in designated areas
  10. The use of chalk is prohibited.
  11. Profanity, excessively loud or offensive language will not be tolerated.
  12. Report any equipment malfunction or damage to a staff member.

Visiting our Facilities

  1. Guest passes may be purchased at a cost of $10 per visit. You can purchase the guest pass at the Nelson Fitness Center Welcome desk or visiting Brown Recreation
  2. To meet with the Varsity Coaching Staff, please schedule a time prior to visiting.